Fabio Richter

Tech Founder & Writer

I’m Fabio Richter, Founder of the Hot Meal Challenge, a social charity fundraiser providing hot meals for people facing food poverty in London. Under the patronage of Lord Woolley of Woodford and in partnership with Sufra, we support hundreds of families across London. Check out coverage on Forbes, Inc. Magazine, StartupBeat and The Sociable.I write about technology, culture and economics. My most recent pieces were published in Inc. Magazine, Investment Monitor and The South China Morning Post.During my college years I built Laulau, Studyhero, Studyhuman and Discofetch. I graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science and King’s College London.My college research focused on the visual hate cultures of online extreme-right communities and their impact on the transnationalization of right-wing terrorism. I was invited to present the findings of my undergraduate dissertation to the Commission for Countering Extremism (UK Home Office).I’m always looking to connect with founders and intellectually curious minds. Please reach out to me if this is you.

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